Alexander Krasij
Based in Marina del Rey, CA

Release date:
first shown March 2015, hardware unreleased



The TRIPAD device is a touch-controlled multiplayer game 'platform', designed for three simultaneous players. It is constructed from three Novation LaunchPad Mini devices arranged in a special configuration, controlled via MIDI commands. Each of the three players is provided with 80 input buttons, which double as 'pixels'.

The only graphical output built into the TRIPAD device is the 3-color 8x8 LED matrix of each pad, with two additional 1x8 rows flanking the bottom edges. The built-in lo-fi graphical output enables an interesting design restriction, which encourages design that is simple to understand and can contain surprising depth. It also puts a greater emphasis on sound design.

The diagonal grid configuration connects rows and columns of each pad to rows or columns on each of the other two pads. This layout naturally encourages interaction between all three playing surfaces. The platform can support a wide array of minimalist game designs, covering different genres.

Three-player 'versus' is an underrepresented category of games, providing a unique feel and level of interaction between the participants. The TRIPAD seeks to uncover possibilities and inspire further development in the area of 3-player multiplayer games.


  • three-color graphics
  • three 80-pixel displays
  • three 80-button input grids
  • three player gameplay!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Experimental Gameplay Workshop session at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA, USA." March 2015
  • "Alt.Ctrl.GDC exhibit at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA, USA." March 2015
  • "IndieCade Showcase @ E3 2015 in Los Angeles, CA, USA." July 2015
  • "IndieCade East exhibit in New York, NY, USA." March 2016


TRIPAD gameplay YouTube

night TRIPAD YouTube



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TRIPAD Credits

Alexander Krasij
programmer / minimalist





presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks